Jon Peterson

Jon Peterson

Broker 1400 Village Market Place Morrisville, NC 27560   
(919) 602-4889

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When Jon Peterson is your real estate advisor, you have 10+ years of triangle real estate experience working for you! Jon is driven by positive results and thrives in the fast-paced environment of real estate in our area. He prioritizes his clients’ needs by giving genuine advice and takes a high-touch approach to client communication. Jon moved around the country often as he was growing up so he is very familiar with that process and has an understanding of the situation many families who move from or to this area find themselves in.  This experience gives him the ability to respect the emotional side of the real estate transaction while maintaining the professional focus necessary to ensure his clients have a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

After moving to North Carolina to start a career at IBM in Research Triangle Park in 1998, Jon was impressed with the great mix of people and things to do in the Raleigh area and knew he wanted to stay put. Jon loves the dynamic mix of people that this area has to offer – from families to young professionals, to individuals who have retired. People from all walks of life are drawn to this area because of the great weather, great healthcare, affordable housing, and variety of career opportunities. Jon’s previous career in Information Technology is a very valuable asset in the world of real estate as this industry is finding more and more ways to utilize the technology available. Statistics show that the majority of people use the internet to find their homes so Jon understands the importance of making sure his clients’ homes having a strong online marketing presence and that he has a solid understanding of the tools available to his buyer clients.

Jon’s extensive experience has helped him master the real estate transaction process so he can ensure his clients have a positive and straightforward experience. Jon’s career and optimistic attitude have made it through some of the toughest times in the real estate market because he has remained dedicated to delivering top-notch client service and he works hard every day to strengthen his connections within the community. Jon earned the designation of Certified Marketing Assistance Specialist in 2005, and he earned his SFR® designation in 2010. He has a solid professional track record including consistently being named a Top Producer in the triangle. In 2013, Jon had the opportunity to expand his ability to serve his clients by partnering with a professional home staging expert, Laurie Roshelli. Laurie is a licensed broker/REALTOR® and has earned her ASP® designation. She brings 10 years of professional staging experience to the team. Jon & Laurie share a solid commitment to providing stellar service to all of their clients and both consistently strive to conduct their business in an extremely ethical manner.  The Peterson Roshelli team has led the office in the number of homes sold in 2013.  What Jon enjoys most about his career and what has kept him in it for 10 years is the enjoyment he gets from watching families grow. He gets so much gratification from the “timeline experience” of helping a young couple buy their first home then hearing from them again down the road as they’ve become a young family needing to expand and add more space for their growing family. Jon also enjoys the education process that many clients depend on him for. Even the experienced buyer or seller will see that Jon can offer them some aspect of education that will instill confidence in them as he guides them through the buying or selling process. The real estate market is constantly changing and you need someone dedicated to timely communication, exceptional service, cutting edge technology and client education. Call Jon today to see if he would be a good fit for your real estate needs.


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